“We’re all just human beings.”

Her voice is so calm and earnest…her whole demeanor is so calm and earnest…it’s hard to imagine that she used to be the type of person who would shout someone else down.

Especially in this current climate as well as the environment she grew up in, the fact that she could listen to others and not only that…she takes care to always credit the start of her change of heart and mind to other and not because she was just that open-minded. I really appreciate her attitude…she really seems to embody the qualities and lessons she talks about…



Framing is important and often overlooked as a significant influence in what people think/decide is worthwhile.

Intersectionality as a concept seems obvious but one of those “uh-huh, I know” things that are perfectly logical in our heads but it helps to actually define it and talk about it because that’s when you realize that practically, in real life ways, consequences of intersectional discrimination are being dismissed. Even within one’s own community, just because you’re not completely described by one word or another, sympathy and support and recognition is often not forthcoming and all of those things are important to start change…