Doctor Who and people…

I’m re-watching Doctor Who, the reboot. I also watched this TED talk today. I know Doctor Who is just a show but it’s nice to be reminded sometimes that humanity isn’t all bad…when people remember their connections, when people remember other people…it’s always personal…

Doctor Who-ness

My Doctor: Christopher Eccleston
Second favorite Doctor: David Tennant (I also really loved John Hurt…and I definitely like Peter Capaldi a lot more than I thought I would…partly because I found him very sympathetic…)
Favorite Companion: Rory
Second favorite Companion: Rose (I also liked what they did with Donna…I quite liked Clara until the 8th season…)
Favorite Non-Doctor, Non-Companion character: Sally Sparrow (I really liked River Song in the beginning and I did like what they did with her even if it kind of got a bit much…)

I can’t pick a favorite episode…that means I must re-watch the entire series (so far)! Yay! Heh. When/If I do that, I will have to pick a top three for every season because…because :-).