I didn’t think I’d think as much of “Just Between Lovers” as I do. I dropped it for a while because it’s pretty heavy (not in a super dramatic way, just quiet and weighty). Over the entire series, but in the finale especially, there are some seriously good life lessons about topics I didn’t think were talked about in most Asian cultures…and I’m not sure if this show is just ahead of its time regarding Korean society but…just…I was pleasantly surprised. I want to watch it again to better organize my thoughts but I also don’t want to because I felt like parts of it were pretty raw, emotion-wise.

It’s not a perfect show. I definitely have certain issues with some plot and character points. But overall, I’m really impressed by how good the show is even though it deals with some really heavy stuff.

A couple of things that I appreciate were portrayed well:
1. found family (so many relationships)
2. the messiness and confusion of biological family relationships
3. friendships (same-sex and male-female)
4. adult portrayal of romantic rejection
5. noble idiocy that made sense psychologically
6. frank embarrassment but also sexual want from a female lead
7. variety of reactions to grief/trauma
8. enabling addiction as well as treatment
9. characters that are consistent but allowed to learn from their mistakes
10. different love languages

There’s more but ten is a nice round number and there are probably some I didn’t notice. Again, I feel like I should watch it again…


I think that…

…this was one of the best explanations I’ve heard of gravitational waves and how cool and momentous the recent research has been…I’m not someone who is really articulate and knows how to teach (seriously kudos to all teachers and professors because it’s hard, man) so I’m really impressed with how he demonstrated and explained what was happening and also suggested future avenues of study…awesome.

Being offended

I don’t think everyone has the same threshold for finding things offensive as I do…it’s a lot less stressful to interact with those who do…I had someone tell me that Mickey Rooney’s performance in Breakfast at Tiffany’s wasn’t offensive because “it was made in that time so it’s okay”…I didn’t know if she was kidding but I just don’t get it, I guess…I found it really offensive and I really like the movie…