The Pull: Max Landis

So many things in this interview I agree with…and disagree with. I love Batman over Superman (but I don’t hate Superman. I just mostly love the character of Batman, completely separately from any comparison with other comic book characters…). I love love love love the No Man’s Land story. I love Nightwing. I agree with his discussion of Star Wars and Star Trek (and Luke and Han Solo…and Jamie Lannister). I hate that he doesn’t like Doctor Who. I love that he knows who Dirk Gently is. I do think there are truths in what Landis says about the relatively recent method of diversification in comics but I think on a broader scale, I disagree. That is, for example, I agree that it would have been awesome to have Ms. Marvel be a Muslim teenager twenty years ago and it would have been so cool for Falcon to have been given his own comic…but part of the reason the identity of Ms. Marvel is so awesome is that being Muslim and being Pakistani means something different now than it did twenty years ago and also, honestly, it wouldn’t have happened twenty years ago. The world was in a different place; the context was different. That’s kind of like saying VR (no, not just the idea of VR) should have been invented in the 80’s…the science and tech wasn’t there yet. And having Sam Wilson take over the mantel of Captain America means something momentous within their universe. Thor being a woman was planned out and means something in their universe as well as ours, in relation to how the Mjolnir works, who she (no spoilers, I guess?) as a person is, who Thor the Asargian is as a person. Maybe I’m rationalizing, maybe he is.

And of course, it’s unavoidable how his opinions may come off because he’s a white male. It’s similar (but not the same because power dynamics) to how certain opinions are dismissed or scoffed at because they come from a woman or a gay person or a trans person or any member of a minority. I feel like people do need to be patient and aware when it comes to stuff like that…both people who are traditionally and historically put down and…well, men in general and Caucasian men specifically. Instead of realizing that this is what women and most minorities have been dealing with for a while and letting that inform future expressions of their opinion, my personal experience has unfortunately included a lot of defensiveness that (to me) is slightly hilarious because…it’s a bit ironic, ok!?! 😛 Anyway, my actual point (haha!) was that opinions and different POVs are good and despite my instinctual “of course, that’s your POV because the change is away from a Caucasian male perspective” reaction, I agree with some of his points…it’s also possible that I mostly love that he’s just super enthusiastic, honestly 🙂 . He gets a bit self-conscious at points (and apologizes for being passionate! 😦 ) but he obviously loves comics and actually thinks about them, which is just so awesome. Again, I disagree with some of what he says (I yelled “Dick Grayson!” at the screen when he said Tim Drake was the best Nightwing and later on, he was like “crap, I was drunk, I meant Dick Grayson” 😛 ) but I don’t feel like he says things in a way that makes you think he’s going to be vitriolic in a serious way (because he does curse people out in a joking way) if you disagree with him…and I love that he could not seem to answer the “either, or” questions at the end just by picking one…he wasn’t even really thinking out loud. For most of them, he was presenting reasons why both were awesome or why you shouldn’t have to pick…and I love love love that, haha!

(I hope my interjection of social commentary didn’t come off as self-congratulatory…”oh, look how rational and awesome and evolved I am for being so patient with people” or something equally pretentious…ugh. I don’t know if it’s the process of “thinking through” that I mentioned before, or maybe just the way I write/articulate things but even though it’s all honest and not meant to be uppity, I’m super paranoid about the way I “sound”…)

Last point, I find this show (The Pull on Geek and Sundry) really interesting because…I find writers in particular, out of all creators, fascinating when they talk.