Adam Koebel

I think The Gender Tag is really interesting and really important. I like how Adam takes and talks about the subjects involved really seriously but also in a matter of fact, casual way. I think a lot of the prompts/questions can be…easily made fun of. Just even in the wording (which could be mocked as “too serious”, “hipster”, etc.) much less the actual content of the prompts and what kind of conversation they’re trying to achieve. I know lots of people who would and have made fun of or made light of these issues that are such an enormous struggle for so many people. I just really appreciate how thoughtful Adam is…he actually seems to come across as having put some thought into his perspective on these topics…especially how aware he is about how lucky he is…he’s a white male who identifies as with male gender. At the same time, he tries to describe his experiences with body dysmorphia and how that’s distinct from gender dysmorphia, his experiences with misgendering while recognizing that there are far more severe and scary cases and consequences of misgendering or dysmorphia. I just really like how he honestly addresses these and other issues, as well as how sometimes, issues that are gendered for some people are not for others…and a lot of times, it’s because it’s from the perspective of power. He gives me hope in a way because he clearly and without any defensiveness acknowledges his position of privilege while also sharing so openheartedly about his own journey in learning more about where he stands in the gender spectrum. A lot of times, well-meaning privileged people either feel like they don’t have the right to talk about something or just feel attacked because of their place in life or just honestly don’t feel privileged. The latter two…I’ve encountered a lot of defensiveness…and the first case, I totally understand. So it’s just nice to have someone like Adam (and other people who have done this tag too) try and discuss such a sensitive topic in such a calm and nuanced way…anyways, so cool.


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