Three words





Very interesting…

I feel like in many ways, I identify with his point of view and attitude about people and functionality. I understand the urge to constantly disclaimer…myself. I also feel like as I’ve grown up and like everyone in the world, developed mechanisms to cope with my environment, I’ve basically incorporated a weird…balancing behavior…in order to…minimize…myself…because…ok, basically the points where he was describing how he wasn’t a people person? That is/was me. Inside. Yes, I might have more social skills maybe (debatable) but they weren’t and aren’t instinctive and even after all this time, I’m super uncomfortable in social settings. That may sometimes lead to certain behavior and abruptness that may be weird, and often I feel like I should explain, as he does, in all seriousness, “I’m not making excuses, I’m trying to explain.”

Anyways, that’s all aside from the things he actually did and built! He’s so self-deprecating and that’s actually quite refreshing…I love TEDTalks but yeah, honestly, sometimes the whole “empowering” and “big action” thing can be a bit depressing for someone like me…