Possibly eye-roll-y introspection

I mostly post videos (that are cool to me) to keep an archive or compilation of sorts for myself…but I wonder if I also do it as a short cut. As a baseline, my instinct is always to think the other person (that I’m talking to, that I’m listening to) is more correct than I am. I tend to think that that “other” is both more articulate and more right…this mindset might be because I’m more susceptible in general to outside influence, more gullible possibly. I’m active trying to combat that 😛 … partly by thinking things though in a more conscious way…Not that I post anything that I don’t agree or identify with necessarily but in a lazy way, if I post something created and presented by smart, well-spoken people, I don’t have to think through and write down my own less well put-together thoughts on that topic. “Thinking about” and “thinking through” are two different things (for me at least) and thinking something through enough to write coherently about it (as opposed to word vomit…as this post kind of is actually) involves more than picking through a topic or position/opinion and seeing all the viewpoints that I agree with; I have to deliberately thinking through all the POVs that I disagree with and wonder why I disagree with them in a rational way…I feel like that’s part of the reason why I started a blog…to live and think more consciously…


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