“To be like a girl means you can make decisions in your life without having to worry about what anyone says.”  –Maisie Williams

I like that girls as young as she is are speaking up 🙂 . I have some issues with how she responded to Emma Watson’s speech (for the HeForShe movement) because I feel like we, the general human race, should strive for equality everywhere, local and global, instead of simplistically comparing equal treatment in a geographic/cultural sense (which has been used to attack and slow improvements in human rights). For example, when pointing out the human rights violations committed by certain nations, or how many organized religions treat sections of people, or how certain cultures have certain prejudices, all too often the response is “Who are you to throw stones?” followed by a laundry list of offenses committed by whatever country the initiator is from…on the one hand, I think the tone of the conversation is important but on the other, no matter how the discussion is started…basically, I don’t think anyone’s hands are clean. Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t point stuff out and try to fix things. Western civilizations? Tons of problems as well as a tendency to be condescending and precious about those problems. Saying those problems are not as bad as those that exist in other countries and societies is not helpful. It’s still wrong. “Not as bad” implies “Stop complaining and just be happy with what you have.” And too many subsets of society have had that mentality and allowed themselves to be intimidated into the status quo. Celebrate the small victories and continue to fight for the big victories. (Wow, that spiraled into a rant.) Still, it’s encouraging that young people are not only thinking for themselves but articulating their opinions in a considered manner.



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