“The way that education can lock us into careers, or at least substantially direct the route we travel, would not be so problematic if we were excellent judges of our future interests and characters. But we are not.” — Roman Krznaric

I don’t know if I have relatively low opinion of young people and their ability to know themselves or an optimistic view of the potential of young people. I just instinctively find it sad if people aren’t exposed to subjects like science and literature and religion and art the way they’re taught in colleges and universities (versus high school or secondary school) because…how else would they know if they’re interested in those topics? I think schools have such a practical view of these things and I kind of understand why but it frustrates me when/if students ask the question “why do I need to know/learn this?” and teachers and tutors try to come up with reasons why that knowledge would be applicable to everyday life…I feel like I’m naive but there seems to be less wonder in learning. I understand that vocational schools and the like are more practical and helpful for finding a job and the student may feel like they aren’t “wasting time” and money…I just feel like pushing students towards those types of schools…I feel like it restricts the way they think about their own abilities and potential…and also, in a more dangerous sense, I do feel like it would be so easy for a divide to emerge where the rich are encouraged to go to university and the poor are shuttled off to study to be a plumber or mechanic, etc….that divide can also easily fall along racial lines as well…


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