So. I opened my door and chatted for less than a minute with an acquaintance who was dropping something off. I texted with my sister and a friend. Then I literally thought (with relief) “Well, cool. I’ve filled my quota for human interaction for today.”




I know sometimes you have to just suck it up and deal with some responsibilities at least. But what happens when there aren’t any expectations and just…sort of passive-aggressive judgment? It’s a weird situation where it’s my fault but I don’t know how to fix it.

And what about situations where it’s not my fault but I need or feel like I need to protect someone…? Is it just a choice then? Between this person and that person? It feels wrong and unfair. Because I’m the one that comes off looking like a terrible person…

Or maybe just no one cares. I’m not sure how fine I am with that anymore…

Thinking (…overthinking…) is dumb.

Doctor Who-ness

My Doctor: Christopher Eccleston
Second favorite Doctor: David Tennant (I also really loved John Hurt…and I definitely like Peter Capaldi a lot more than I thought I would…partly because I found him very sympathetic…)
Favorite Companion: Rory
Second favorite Companion: Rose (I also liked what they did with Donna…I quite liked Clara until the 8th season…)
Favorite Non-Doctor, Non-Companion character: Sally Sparrow (I really liked River Song in the beginning and I did like what they did with her even if it kind of got a bit much…)

I can’t pick a favorite episode…that means I must re-watch the entire series (so far)! Yay! Heh. When/If I do that, I will have to pick a top three for every season because…because :-).


I need to learn to concentrate on just being me. What other people think of me is really not my business because as long as I’m genuine, I shouldn’t have to go around compulsively (over-)explaining myself.

Trust people more. I feel like I’ve fallen into an attitude where I act like everyone is questioning me all the time. Just because someone asks me a question, I shouldn’t assume that they mean it in the worst way possible, that they think I’m stupid or childish. It’s really very stressful because then I’m just existing in this paranoid cloud of negativity and defensive-ness. I do question how much longer the people I know/love will have patience with me…