Changes are so hard and exciting. Time to move on? Time to stay? I want to do what I want but I don’t know exactly what I want…is that ok?

Sometimes it’s hard when a big change happens to someone close to you…makes you think about your life. It’s so self-centered but maybe self-centered isn’t bad. How do I interact with the world if I have no clue how to relate to it? But is there a real difference between self-centered and selfish? I’ve always thought so…but I don’t know really if it’s just semantics and I’m trying to justify my selfishness…

Life goes on…it’s exciting :-).

I’m grateful for:
1. Family – dude. So much. In the most unexpected ways possible, they remind me that life is good and people are good.
2. Food – so many possibilities. There is no “right” way :-).
3. Being able to be a kid, kinda – sometimes it’s just great to be comfortable and talk about weird, “childish” things. I can’t think of a specific example but I swear there were several moments last night where I thought to myself (in a good way :-P) “How have we been talking about this for the past hour or so?”